Ms. Detwiler's Class Calendar 2019-2020
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Wednesday 7/31/2019
Freshman Day
Thursday 8/1/2019
First Day of School
Friday 8/2/2019
Int. Art Intro to Value Scales Assignment

Students will do 2 (7 Step) Value Scales in "Stippling" and "Crosshatching" techniques.

They will use sharpie markers to execute process. They may also elect to do a 7 Step "Scribble" Scale for 10 Extra Credit points.

Scales will be checked for adjustments periodically through the exercise for value adjustments. 

This is a sketchbook assignment and final day for turn in is Wed, Aug. 7 for 50 point total (25 points per scale).

Monday 8/5/2019
Beg. Art Photomontage Assign starts
Friday 8/9/2019
Art Supplies Due Date

All Students should have their art supplies by this date.

Friday 8/9/2019
Parent/Student Contract Due

All students must complete the contract and return to instructor. If turned in by this date, Aug. 9th, students will get 10 extra credit points.

Monday 8/12/2019
Beg. Art Photomontage Due
Tuesday 8/13/2019
Beg Art start Big Drawing Lessons
Tuesday 8/13/2019
Int.Art Rorschach Test Due
Tuesday 8/13/2019
Inter. Art start Mono-Chromatic Portrait Lessons
Thursday 8/15/2019
Beg Art Sketchbook Assign. Due
Thursday 8/15/2019
Int. Art Mono Scales Due
Monday 8/19/2019
Beg Art Sketchbook Check- final day for points
Thursday 8/22/2019
Beg Art 50% Check-in Big Drawing

50% for 50 point or any increment of completion.

Thursday 8/22/2019
Int. Art 50% Check-in for Self-Portrait
Sunday 8/25/2019
Begin Art - Film on Renaissance and Perspective
Monday 8/26/2019
Beg Art Big Drawing Due
Tuesday 8/27/2019
Beg Art- Linear Perspective Unit Begins
Tuesday 8/27/2019
Int Art Self Portrait Due
Tuesday 8/27/2019
Int. Art Color Charts Begin

Color Wheel & Color Grid.

Thursday 8/29/2019
Beg Art - Creative Word project begins
Thursday 8/29/2019
Beg. Art Boxes Due
Thursday 8/29/2019
Int. Art Color Wheel Due

Color Wheel is due for 25 points.

Monday 9/2/2019
Labor Day - No School
Wednesday 9/4/2019
Beg. Art Word Planning Sketch Check-in

25 points

Monday 9/9/2019
Creative Word due

Project is worth 100 Points and due at the end of class



Tuesday 9/10/2019
Beg Art start Hallway Drawing
Tuesday 9/10/2019
Int. Art- Begin Cardboard Portraits
Tuesday 9/10/2019
Int. Art Color Grid Projects are due
Wednesday 9/11/2019
Advisory Parent Conferences
Thursday 9/12/2019
Advisory Parent Conferences
Friday 9/13/2019
Advisory Parent Conferences
Friday 9/13/2019
Int.Art "Color Grid" Judging
Thursday 9/19/2019
3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Art Club
Wednesday 9/25/2019
Int.Art Color Grid Awards
Thursday 9/26/2019
3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Art Club
Thursday 9/26/2019
Int Art Chalk Pastel Apple Painting
Friday 9/27/2019
Beg. Art Negative Space Drawings Due
Friday 9/27/2019
Int. Art Chalk Pastel Inro
Monday 9/30/2019
Beg Art Value Scale Assign Begins
Monday 9/30/2019
Int Art Chalk Pastel Skeleton begins Drawing
Monday 9/30/2019
Int. Art Cardboard Portraits Due
Thursday 10/3/2019
3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Art Club
Thursday 10/3/2019
Beg Art Value Scales Due
Friday 10/4/2019
Last Day of 1st Quarter
Monday 10/7/2019
Fall Break
Tuesday 10/8/2019
Fall Break
Wednesday 10/9/2019
Fall Break
Thursday 10/10/2019
Fall Break
Friday 10/11/2019
Fall Break
Wednesday 10/16/2019
50% Check-in for 50 points
Thursday 10/17/2019
3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Art Club
Monday 10/21/2019
Beg Art Abstract Drawing Due
Tuesday 10/22/2019
Beg Art Writing Assignment
Wednesday 10/23/2019
Beg Art Shading Shapes
Wednesday 10/23/2019
Int Art Begin Setting up Ofrenda

An ofrenda is a collection of objects placed on a ritual display during the annual and traditionally Mexican Día de Muertos celebration. An ofrenda, which may be quite large and elaborate, is usually created for an individual person who has died and is intended to welcome them to the altar setting. 

Wednesday 10/23/2019
Int Art Skeleton Drawings Due
Wednesday 10/23/2019
Int. Art - begin design for Day of Dead Portraits
Thursday 10/24/2019
3:30 PM-4:30 PM
Art Club
Thursday 10/24/2019
Beg Art Writing Assign Due
Thursday 10/24/2019
Beg. Art Geometric Still Life Drawing Assignment
Thursday 10/31/2019
Art Club - Halloween Buttons Sale
Thursday 10/31/2019
Int. Art Begin Day of the Dead Short Essay
Friday 11/1/2019
No School -VV In-Service Day
Monday 11/4/2019
Int Art D of D Short Essay Due
Friday 11/8/2019
Int Art 50% Check-in for 50 pts
Monday 11/11/2019
No School - Veterans Day
Tuesday 11/12/2019
Int. Art Day of Dead Portraits are Due
Wednesday 11/13/2019
Int. Art - Pair Share Critique Exercise
Thursday 11/21/2019
Beg. Art Geometric Still Life Due
Wednesday 11/27/2019
Thanksgiving Holiday Break
Thursday 11/28/2019
Thanksgiving Holiday Break
Tuesday 12/3/2019
Beg. Art Tunnel Book Midterm begins

Powerpoint Discussion

Tuesday 12/3/2019
Int. Art Midterm- Altered Books Begins

Discussion of Variety of Process and Youtube Videos on Techniques

Monday 12/9/2019
All Classes- Review All Week for Written Midterm
Wednesday 12/18/2019
All Classes Art Midterm - Multiple Choice Exam

All Classes will take a 15 Question Multiple-Choice Midterm Exam on topics of Art Foundations, Design Concepts and Art Processes on Wednesday 12-18-19.

This Midterm Exam is worth 100 points.

Thursday 12/19/2019
All Classes - Midterm Projects Due
Friday 12/20/2019
All Classes - Midterm Projects Due
Tuesday 1/14/2020
Int. Art - Color scales due

60 points for 4 scales in monochromatic scheme

Wednesday 1/15/2020
Beg Art Local Value Drawing due
Wednesday 1/22/2020
Int. Art 50% Check-in for 50 points
Monday 1/27/2020
Beg Art Drapery Drawing Due

100 points

Monday 1/27/2020
Int Art Monochromatic Portrait due

100 points

Tuesday 1/28/2020
Int Art Social Justice Poster Project Begins
Wednesday 1/29/2020
Beg Art. Skull & Saddle Drawing Starts
Tuesday 2/18/2020
Beg Art-Janet Fish Essay

Written Critique - 3 days on the project in the Media Lab-100 points in MLA format.

Submitted in written copy with painting attached or submitted with a digital copy of painting via emailed Google Doc or Microsoft Word File shared.

Wednesday 2/19/2020
Janet Fish Essay
Thursday 2/20/2020
Jaent Fish Essay
Friday 2/21/2020
Beg Art Skull & Saddle Drawings Due
Friday 2/21/2020
Int.Art Start Poetry Collaboration
Friday 2/21/2020
Sping Break
Monday 2/24/2020
Tuesday 2/25/2020
Wednesday 2/26/2020
Thursday 2/27/2020
Friday 2/28/2020
Beg Art - Portraiture Intro
Wednesday 3/4/2020
Int.Art Poetry Collaboration Due
Monday 3/9/2020
Spring Break
Tuesday 3/10/2020
Sping Break
Wednesday 3/11/2020
Sping Break
Thursday 3/12/2020
Sping Break
Friday 3/13/2020
Sping Break