Beginning Art -Intro


Welcome to Beginning Art Class!  Here you will learn the basic principles of Drawing-as it relates to the Foundations of Art and the ability to create the illusion of 3-dimensional space on a 2-Dimensional surface. This course is the entry level to all other Visual Art classes at MUHS.

The Beginning Art Supply List shown here covers items you will need to be successful. Art supplies are accessible to all students in the art studio environment, but we request students also acquire their own materials for use with projects and homework assignments done outside of class.

Beginning Art Supply List

1.    One 8” X 11” (or larger) Spiral Bound Sketch Book.

2.    Set of Drawing Pencils:  8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, and 2H.

       (an 8B or 6B Graphite stick would also be helpful, but is not required).

3.     Art Erasers:  Both a Kneaded Eraser and Art Gum/ White Rubber Eraser

4.     12” Ruler (metal is the best).

5.     Fine Point Sharpie Markers (pkg. of 2)

6.     Charcoal and White Chalk


NOTE: Please plan to have all supplies by the second week of classes! 

These types of art “tools” are important for accomplishing criteria in each assignment, thus helping students to make well constructed, beautiful works of art!  

You will find varying brands and price points on some of the supplies listed, depending on whether they are student or professional grade. Student grade is fine and generally less expensive.


Local and Regional Art Supply Stores & Online Art Supply Websites:

(You may want to call ahead to make sure supplies are in stock if traveling out of town).

  • OfficeMax - Safeway Plaza, Cottonwood, AZ   #928-639-9560

  • Walmart--2003 E. Rodeo Dr, Cottonwood, AZ  #928-634-0378 

  • Hooked on Books, 56 S. Main St. Cottonwood, #928-634-5658 

  • Michaels Arts & Crafts - 1500 Riordan Ranch St, Flagstaff, (928) 774-4558

  • Michaels Arts & Craft -  Prescott Mall, Prescott, AZ  # 928-771- 8848

  • The Art Store - 537 6th St. , Prescott, AZ  #928-480-0749-99999

Online Art Supply Resources: