Intermediate Art Supply List


Welcome to Intermediate Art Class!  This course teaches an Introduction to Painting and Color Theory. In this class students will experiment with various water and color mediums including: Watercolor, Acrylics, Chalk Pastel, Ink and Colored Pencil. Intermediate art lessons also build upon the Foundations of Art learned in Beginning Art curriculum here at MUHS.

Art supplies are provided in the classroom studio, but students should acquire the following items for homework use. Here is what you will need to work in your sketchbook and on homework assignments.

Intermediate Art Supply List


1.    One 8” X 11” (or larger) Spiral Bound Sketch Book.

2.    Set of Drawing Pencils:  8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB, and 2H.

3.    Art Erasers:  Kneaded Eraser and Art Gum/ White Rubber Eraser

4.    Black and White Conte Sticks or Charcoal/ Chalk Pencils

5.    Black Sharpie Markers (Large and fine point, 2 of each)

6.    Student Set of Paint Brushes (synthetic sable)

7.    Palette Knife for mixing paint

8.    Tackle Box or ARTBIN  Brand Box for storing paint and brushes

9.  Canvases, Canvas Panels, or any other painting surface

10. Small plastic containers with lids to seal and store acrylic paints (approx. 6-10)

11.  Set of Acrylic and Watercolor paints in the following colors:

Alizarin Red (Bright red), Cadmium Red (Dark red), Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Blue,  Mars Black,  Burnt Sienna, Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Titanium White (For watercolor, titanium white gouache works well) 


NOTE: Please plan to have supplies by the second week of classes! 

NOTE: If budgeting, you may choose to purchase supplies #1-5 on this list first and have them by the second week of class. Then you may purchase additional items # 6-8 by October 1st.

NOTE: Second Semester is when students will need supply items #9-11. This will be after the winter break when we begin painting in Acrylics. Up until then it will be watercolor, and pen & ink, etc. Please remember that the small plastic lidded containers (# 11) are important for keeping your mixed acrylic paints from drying out once we begin to work in that medium.

These types of art “tools” are important for accomplishing criteria in each assignment, thus helping students to make well-constructed, beautiful works of art!  

You will find varying brands and price points on some of the supplies listed, depending on whether they are student or professional grade. Student grade is fine and generally less expensive. Some supplies are available in the MUHS Bookstore for easy replacement.


Local and Regional Art Supply Stores & Online Art Supply Websites:

(You may want to call ahead to make sure supplies are in stock if traveling out of town).

·         OfficeMax - Safeway Plaza, Cottonwood, AZ   #928-639-9560

·         Walmart - 2003 E. Rodeo Dr. Cottonwood, AZ  #928-634-0378 

·         Hooked on Books - 56 S. Main St. Cottonwood, #928-634-5658 

·         Michaels Arts & Crafts - 1500 Riordan Ranch St, Flagstaff, (928) 774-4558

·         Michaels Arts & Craft - Prescott Mall, Prescott, AZ  # 928-771- 8848

·         The Art Store - 537 6th St., Prescott, AZ  #928-480-0749-99999


Online Art Supply Resources: